Press arose from the idea of duality, from the idea of a place that encompasses a full lifestyle experience of health and community.

Press is Cafe x Yoga. Our Cafe serves local and fresh drinks and treats; our yoga is infrared heated power vinyasa flow. 

We sweat together. We don't sweat the small stuff. We sip slow and on the go. We are interesting and interested. 




Cafe Director // Brady Ballew is a Seattle, WA native, who came to Tulsa to play professional soccer with Tulsa Roughnecks FC and grew to call this city his home. Nowadays, you can find him behind the coffee bar.


Studio Director // Claire Spears grew up in Tulsa, but left for college and then again for a Masters at Cambridge in the UK before returning home. She teaches power yoga, drinks Americanos, and works also as a digital brand strategist.